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Australia’s Internet – The World’s Best??

According to OpenSignal’s State of LTE report for the first quarter of 2014, Australia has the fastest LTE/4G in the world thanks mostly to Telstra. 

The OpenSignal report looks at countries all over the world, and analyses their 4G networks to see who has the best coverage, best speed and best carriers. Australia went up against sixteen other countries for the title, finally coming in first with Italy in second place followed by Brazil and Hong Kong.

The average download speed experienced on Australia’s world-beating 4G networks is 24.5Mbps, thanks mostly to stellar results from Telstra, who was the first telco to deploy the super-fast networking standard in the land Down Under back in 2011.

Telstra ranked second in the world on 4G speeds, with a result of 23.8Mbps. The only carrier to beat Telstra’s stellar 4G speed result was Claro, a Brazilian carrier, with speeds of 27.8Mbps.

The next Australian carrier in the list is Optus, which manages to squeeze out a speed of 19Mbps, giving it a rank of 10th in the world. Despite crowing about its new 4G network credentials, Vodafone doesn’t seem to appear in the list.

Australia’s 4G has been on the up-and-up since the last report, with average speeds improving from 17.3Mbps up to the 24.5Mbps average now being reported.

Original article source: Gizmodo

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