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Buyers Beware!

In every business there are sneaky tricks of the trade designed to rip-off the consumer. This is not a problem with just buying overseas products, some suppliers claim they are located in Australia but ship products from overseas.

Sadly consumers are rarely aware of the various tricks some suppliers use.

Here is an exctract of the actual online conversation between Better Batt and a laptop battery factory regarding batteries:

[26/11/13 12:23:25 PM] John Smith: we are using actual 2200mAh cell for your order.
[26/11/13 12:23:48 PM] John Smith: there are five different types of cell that we are currently using.
[26/11/13 12:24:10 PM] John Smith: chinese brand, CJ, 1850mah, 2000mah and 2200mah. Yours is CJ 2200mah.
[26/11/13 12:24:43 PM] John Smith: non-chinese cell is Korean cell, Samsung SDI 2200mah and 2600mah, much better quality but expensive.
[26/11/13 12:25:03 PM] Liam McCarroll: Yes
[26/11/13 12:25:08 PM] Liam McCarroll: Samsung too expensive
[26/11/13 12:26:11 PM] John Smith: are you interested to know the price of 1850mah and 2000mah cell?
[26/11/13 12:26:21 PM] Liam McCarroll: No
[26/11/13 12:26:25 PM] Liam McCarroll: It is too low
[26/11/13 12:26:29 PM] Liam McCarroll: already customers want more power
[26/11/13 12:26:30 PM] Liam McCarroll: lol
[26/11/13 12:26:38 PM] John Smith: I see
[26/11/13 12:26:54 PM] Liam McCarroll: One question, batteries sold on eBay 6-cell 10.8V for example that say 5200 mAh, are they using 2600 mAh cells or are they printing the wrong capacity
[26/11/13 12:26:55 PM] Liam McCarroll: ?
[26/11/13 12:27:52 PM] John Smith: no, it is not true. the real capacity is actually 4000mAh with 2000mah cell.
[26/11/13 12:28:15 PM] John Smith: they just print a wrong capacity on purpose to confuse the end user
[26/11/13 12:28:25 PM] Liam McCarroll: Yes
[26/11/13 12:29:02 PM] John Smith: but most of the time, the buyers don’t know the truth and they are more inclined to buy 5200mah
[26/11/13 12:29:10 PM] Liam McCarroll: yes of course
[26/11/13 12:29:11 PM] Liam McCarroll: poor buyers
[26/11/13 12:29:15 PM] Liam McCarroll: lucky China!
[26/11/13 12:30:23 PM] John Smith: this is not only happening in china. we got lots of such orders from Poland, from US, from Indian, etc, asking for such stickers and those wholesellers are not chinese people.
[26/11/13 12:31:02 PM] Liam McCarroll: wow

It’s hard for us to explain to a customer that the cheaper product they have seen on eBay/ online (in some cases claiming higher power or capacity), does not necessarily perform as it is claiming. Here in Australia we tend to trust what is printed on the label, but not all suppliers are honest about their claims. When it comes to purchasing electronics and telecommunications equipment, you need to know where to buy and whom to trust. Luckily as a valued customer of AQUATel you know – what you see is what you get.

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