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How importaint is Fast Speed Broadband to you?

Houses without broadband could be worth as much as 20% less than comparable properties with a good connection, according to experts who say superfast speeds are increasingly important to prospective homebuyers.

With soaring numbers going online to perform everyday tasks or to work from home, a robust connection is considered so vital that the property search website Rightmove has added a broadband speed checker button to every one of its listings, alongside details of transport links and schools. Estate agents report that rising numbers of buyers are willing to pull out of a deal if broadband is not available in that area.

Broadband speed does not solely rely on Connection Speed sent to you from Carrier or availability of speeds in your area. What you also need to keep in mind is the quality of cabling and technologies you are using in your home. It is now a recommended standard to install Structured (DATA) Network Cabling throughout the house – installed and terminated by qualified technicians to ensure minimal speed loss through connectors. Quality of your Network Switch and Router also plays an important role in ability to handle higher speed. Also don’t forget the type of technology used – whether its a physical cable connection or Wireless/ WiFi, which can be affected by the environment and has generally high speed but narrow Bandwidth allowance.

If you need a recommendation on Cabling requirements in your House or Business, give us a call for an obligation free consultation.

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