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It’s time to go digital!

The final three regions have permanently switched off analog TV signals in December last year, to keep getting your favorite programming, it’s time to go digital.

In December the last three areas that made the switch are:

Sydney and surrounding areas: 3 December 2013
The latest conversion figures show that 94% of households in Sydney and surrounding areas have already converted to digital-only TV.

Melbourne and surrounding areas: 10 December 2013
Melbourne and surrounding areas are already enjoying the benefits of digital-only free-to-air TV with 95% of households already converted ahead of the switchover date.

Remote central and eastern Australia: 10 December 2013
With a large switchover region covering the more remote areas of Australia, 87% of households across this region are receiving digital-only free-to-air TV ahead of the switchover date. Residents living in the remote areas of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory are encouraged to check that they are digital ready now.

Are you part of the new digital wave or have you been left behind? No worries! AQUATel has experienced technicians to make the switchover easy and hassle free. 

If your area has already changed to Digital TV and you are experiencing problems or would like to improve the TV signal you are receiving, give our technical team a call.

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