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Know your amplifiers

Masthead Amplifiers and Distribution Amplifiers.

Masthead amplifiers are useful in weak signal areas and should be installed as close as practically possible to the antenna terminals (usually no more than 0.5m to 1m away) in order to optimise the signal to noise ratio.
Masthead Amplifiers available through AQUATel include:

  • Low Noise Digital Amplifier 
  • VHF/UHF Amplifier 
  • (UHF Amplifier

Distribution amplifiers are used for a different application. Distribution amplifiers are used to increase the signal level in a receive system to overcome losses in the distribution system, such as from passive splitters and long cable runs. These are more commonly installed in the roof space.

Distribution Amplifiers available through AQUATel include:

  • VHF UHF Amplifier 
  • Maxilink 35 Amplifier 
  • Minilink 25 Amplifier

For more information or to talk to our technical team about your requirements, call us on 1800 813 310.

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