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On The Move? – Quick Steps to follow…

If you are moving home or business there are some things you need to think about in advance. Many leave it to the last minute or worse, forget about it completely – you rely so much on telecommunications but you just don’t realise how important it is until it doesn’t work.

Here is a Quick Guide to help you with this process:

1. First thing’s First – has the new place had phones/ internet installed before? if yes, do you know where the outlet is and if it looks to be in good working condition. If no – a new cable run needs to be organised asap with an Accredited technician holding current ACMA Cable Licence.

2. Organise for your service to be relocated. If your service provider is Telstra, you need to contact customer service area or give us a call and our Telstra connections consultant will handle this process for you! If you are with a different service provider – you need to give them a call and regardless of who your provider is, give them at least 2 weeks notice (often more, depending on area and infrastructure availability). If there is no current cable from the street to the building, this process will take much longer – best to organise this asap.

3. Broadband – as most people do, you probably have a broadband connection that needs to be relocated as well – if it is with the same provider (eg Telstra phone and Telstra broadband), you can request a “one-step relocation”, means both will be moved on the same day. However if your broadband is with a different provider to the phone that broadband is attached to, most providers will only relocate it AFTER phone line has been moved. This can create delays from several hours to even weeks!

Availability! – not all areas have the same types of services available. Eg. only very few Metro areas can offer Cable Broadband, some areas only have basic ADSL service but not ADSL2+, not all areas are NBN ready either. You need to know what is available to either move existing service or apply for  a new type of connection.

4. Are the phone/ computer outlets in the right spot? – are the outlets in the rooms you want to use computers/ phones/ TVs? a lot of devices require “DATA” cable to work – many houses are only cabled with Telephony grade cabling. Smart TVs for example require either DATA outlet to plug into or Wireless. Wireless can be great but it is not very reliable. Wireless router/ access point needs a DATA outlet to plug into if you wish to position it centralised in the house for better coverage. Networked printer, may also need a DATA outlet. List the devices you have and where you need them and what type of connection they need to work, to work out your requirements.

5. Don’t forget about TV – are there enough outlets and are they where you want them to be? Do you need to upgrade the Antenna to handle the Digital TV? Do you have Pay-TV that needs to be relocated and is there sufficient cabling for it?


If you are not sure what type of cabling you require in your house or business, give our technical team a call for obligation free consultation.


Tick all these off your list and your move will be just that little bit less stressful!

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