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So you had Cabling installed – but does it work?

So many people (individuals and businesses) organise a contractor to do work for them not understanding what they are actually getting. Many don’t even check to see if this contractor is qualified to do the work.

Imagine you had the whole office re-cabled, or building new premises and need all new cabling installed – 50 outlets, all done and ready to pay for, but before you sign that cheque – how do you know everything actually works? how do you know it is to the spec for the devices you want to use on the network??

Too late to ask yourself these questions after the work is complete and in this day and age, don’t take anyone’s word for it – what you need is a proof!

Well, apart from plugging your phones and computers into every outlet to make sure they work, there is a better way and the preferred way, its something a “proper” technician would already have done at the completion of installation and advised you of – the key is TESTING! the only way to know the quality of installation is 100% testing of the network.

There are various tests you can request, from a basic test to ensure 100% of cable installation is working to more complex tests identifying the speed the network can handle, the speed losses and various other parameters that may be important to certain devices.

Don’t leave your network in the hands of “cowboys”!

At AQUATel our technicians are qualified and trained in proper testing process to ensure the installation is done right the first time. Contact us to discuss your cabling requirements!

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