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Financing and Payment Plans

AQUATel offers a wide range of Payment Plans and Financing options for your purchases.

Outright Purchase – the most straight forward option

Payment plan – some of our products can be repaid monthly for up to 6 months (deposit required)

Monthly payments – we offer service and maintenance plans on selected products which are billed monthly

Rental/ Lease:

  • through FlexiRent
  • through Capital Finance (for Telstra TBS systems only)

Advantages of renting:

  • Keep cash flowing
  • Ease of budgeting
  • Avoid depreciation
  • Bundle solutions and evolve as necessary
  • Keep up to date – lease assets over their product life and then upgrade to the new equipment
  • Be more productive – extra productivity of the new equipment may help pay for the rental/ lease cost
  • Tax benefits – rental and leasing are tax deductable – please talk to your tax accountant for advice
  • Flexibility – you have options at the end of rental or lease – upgrade, extend, make an offer to buy out or return equipment (options may vary for different rent/ lease contracts)

Call us today to discuss your financing or payment plans and how our plans can help you in your Business!

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