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LG-Ericsson Telephone Systems

L.G. Nortel are one of the worlds largest manufacturer of electronic products, and a world leader in digital products.The LG range of key-telephone & PBX systems, servicing 5 – 500 extensions, have been supplied to the Australian market for more than 10 years.LG Nortel also proudly supplies systems to Telstra – Australia’s largest carrier. These are supplied to the market under the Telstra brand and supplied and serviced by the LG Nortel/Telstra FixedNet Dealer Network (AQUATel is your area dealer).

Ease of Use

The Nortel incorporates all the latest features and with operational functionality designed from the user perspective. Features are logical, simple to use, and easy to remember.

Affordable Technology

So whether it’s simple features such as one-touch transfer or paging, or more advanced features such as call centre operation or computer telephony integration Nortel delivers – at an affordable price.

Upgrade and Keep your Handsets

If you outgrow your Nortel, it allows you to upgrade to a larger LG Nortel system whilst retaining your current LG Nortel handsets. The LG Nortel 24, 130c, 130, 300 and 600 IP enabled telephone systems are not only the perfect solution for multi-site organizations, but also the ideal choice for organizations requiring capacity for growth without the huge price tag of a complete system changeover.

Future Friendly

Not only does the Nortel provide you with a solution to your communication needs today, inherent in its design is the ability to migrate to new technologies as they are introduced.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Ready

The convergence of voice and data on to one network has created many new and exciting products and features.Add VoIP features as you need them, saving on gradual upgrade of your network, start benefiting from VoIP without having to upgrade the entire data network to support extra traffic and voice quality of service required for VoIP.

Features at a Glance

  • Bluetooth Headset Module
    Move freely around your office with a Bluetooth headset connecting to your office phone
  • Call Recording – USB Module
    Recorded conversations can be stored on your computer for legal purposes.
  • Link your extension to your Mobile or Home Phone.
    Being able to receive calls and make outbound calls from your office extension would mean you could continue working, transparent to your clients and colleagues.
  • Conference Room
    Enhanced conference call features take the work out of setting up conference calls.
  • Hospitality
    Nortel Hospitality allows your staff to attentively service the needs and desires of guests, ensuring repeat business and future growth
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI)
    Available both on ISDN and PSTN lines.
  • Dect System
    Nortel Dect system retains all the system features of the Nortel on mobile Dect handsets, and most importantly, the Dect handset can be “linked” to your extension.
  • Voicemail
    From simple individual mailboxes, to Auto Attendant (‘Virtual Receptionist’) to computer integration for call recording, and call management, Nortel Voicemail systems will meet the messaging needs for your business.

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