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Deadline Fast Approaching

Posted on : May 9, 2014

The changes in Cable Registration for telecommunication technician come into effect 1 July 2014, which means those without the specialist endorsement on their cable licence will no longer be able to perform that work (eg DATA and Network cabling, Optical Fibre, Coaxial/ TV Cabling all require specialist endorsements).

When contracting AQUATel to perform the telecommunications work for your home or business, you can be assured the technicians are qualified and experienced in this work.

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Celebrating 14 Years in Business!

Posted on : April 1, 2014

Today we Celebrate our 14 years in Business!

Previously known as Aqua Telecoms, we are a very successful and continuous, technical and customer focused business. We weathered the 2000 tech bubble burst, the GFC and competitors who went out to kill our business.

We have lead the way with technology, NBN, Smart wire and IP systems. Read more...

Smart Home – are you keeping up with the times?

Posted on : April 1, 2014

While in the Cities the Smart Home concept is widely accepted, country areas are far behind. Smart Home relies heavily on the cabling infrastructure in the home to enable Smart Devices to work and work reliably.

Well planned Structured Cabling system should be “Star Wired” and emanate from a central point whether its a panel in the cupboard, a cabinet or any other suitable enclosure. Many devices have own specs and requirements, but most need a DATA outlet to plug into – which is why it is so important to Cable premises in Category 5e cable or above. Structured (DATA) cabling can only be performed by accredited technicians holding Current ACMA Open Cable Licence with Structured Cable endorsement.

According to a new report by Juniper Research, entertainment will be the main driver, accounting for as much as “80% of total Smart Home service revenues” but everything from smart refrigerators that can automatically notify you of what’s running low, or smarter smoke alarms are also making a push and because of the huge variety of “smart” features a home can employ “no single stakeholder [will] be able to dominate thanks to the number of verticals within the home.”

If you are ready to live like the Jetsons, contact us today for available options and obligation free consultation!

Fibre to the Node Trial

Posted on : April 1, 2014

NBN Co has confirmed it is in discussions with Telstra to lease access to the telco’s copper network to trial fibre-to-the-node technology in several areas of NSW and Victoria.

The contract would fall outside the existing $11 billion definitive agreements between the two organisations, and would allow NBN Co to pilot a FTTN build in Umina on the NSW Central Coast and Epping in North Melbourne.

This is a quick intro to the full article:

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Video is the New Voice

Posted on : January 29, 2014

Video conferencing technologies are some of the most important technologies currently in existence today. Earlier organizations had to pay a lot of money to get video conferencing facilities installed. However that has changed with the affordable business phone systems and different video conferencing solutions provided by us. It has become possible for individuals and organizations of all sizes to communicate efficiently with their family, clients and employees located in different corners of the world. We help in connecting classrooms for distance education in ways never envisioned before. Read more...

It’s time to go digital!

Posted on : January 29, 2014

The final three regions have permanently switched off analog TV signals in December last year, to keep getting your favorite programming, it’s time to go digital. Read more...

Cabling rules have changed – are your contractors qualified?

Posted on : December 4, 2013

The CPRs regulate the cabling industry and ensure that minimum cabling requirements are in place to promote safety and maintain network integrity.

The ACMA has amended the cabling arrangements to ensure all cabling providers have the necessary skills to perform specialised cabling work for the current and emerging customer cabling environment.

It is important to ensure your contractors are skilled and qualified to perform the work.


Combined Smartphone Data-Based Activities Far Outpace Talking

Posted on : October 14, 2013

Arlington, VA – 09/17/2013 – The combined total minutes spent on activities requiring data connectivity on smartphones now far outpaces talking on these devices, according to the latest research released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®. The results from CEA’s newest tracking study, Smartphones: Consumer Behavioral Trends, examine trends on consumer behavior and sentiment regarding smartphones from June to August 2013.


New Fibre Requirements

Posted on : October 2, 2013

The recent publication of AS/NZS 3080:2013 brings with it some much needed clarity for the ICT community with the inclusion of Amendments 1 and 2, and the injection of some new requirements. 

The full article for this has been posted on Synergy Telecoms blog click here to go there now.

Regional and Rural Australia NBN Rollout

Posted on : July 8, 2012

Regional and Rural Australia not to be left behind!

NBN Co have unveiled on 3 July the local government areas where planning proposals will be lodged to deliver high-speed fixed wireless broadband.

NBN is planning to start switching on the facilities in stages from around mid to late 2013 – this fixed wireless network is expected to cover up to 25,000 premises across 15 councils. With this upgrade, rural and regional Australia will no longer be left behind when it comes to telecommunications and technology. Read more...

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