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Smart Home – are you keeping up with the times?

While in the Cities the Smart Home concept is widely accepted, country areas are far behind. Smart Home relies heavily on the cabling infrastructure in the home to enable Smart Devices to work and work reliably.

Well planned Structured Cabling system should be “Star Wired” and emanate from a central point whether its a panel in the cupboard, a cabinet or any other suitable enclosure. Many devices have own specs and requirements, but most need a DATA outlet to plug into – which is why it is so important to Cable premises in Category 5e cable or above. Structured (DATA) cabling can only be performed by accredited technicians holding Current ACMA Open Cable Licence with Structured Cable endorsement.

According to a new report by Juniper Research, entertainment will be the main driver, accounting for as much as “80% of total Smart Home service revenues” but everything from smart refrigerators that can automatically notify you of what’s running low, or smarter smoke alarms are also making a push and because of the huge variety of “smart” features a home can employ “no single stakeholder [will] be able to dominate thanks to the number of verticals within the home.”

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