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ON-LINE 208 SOHO system

On-Line 208 is aimed at Home or Small Office ( SOHO ). Accommodates 2 separate telephone lines, supports up to 8 extensions or dedicated connections for corded or cordless phones, fax machines, modems, answering machines, door stations, etc.

The On-Line 208 can help improve productivity and the overall efficiency of your business.

Manage your costs more effectively.

This high quality telephone system gives you the tools to manage and handle your calls more efficiently and effectively.

Promote a more professional image.

Your clients and suppliers will assume your business is so much larger than it is.


The On-Line 208 comes with a wide range of features that can be tailored to your particular home office or small business requirements. System supports corded and cordless phones, fax machines, and modems without the need for special programming or expensive adaptor cards.

Call Management

  • Take or direct calls from either line to any or all extensions.
  • Ability to receive faxes on either line
  • Compatibility with service providers Call Forward and Call Waiting ensures that you don’t miss calls.
  • Callers can directly dial a particular extension without going through a receptionist.
  • Ability to still receive or make calls on both lines in case of power failure.

Efficient Call Handling

  • Auto Attendant and Announce only options can help increase productivity and reduce costs in a busy office
  • Virtual conferencing allows to toggle between 2 lines.
  • Day/Night switching
  • Up to 2 door phones can be installed which can answer the call and open the door.
  • Music on hold
  • A speaker phone can be used for security or as a room monitor in a child’s bedroom.

Use your existing phones.

With On-Line 208 there is no need to buy special phones – you can use your existing phones or buy budget phones, providing they are tone phones

Juggling your telecommunications in a home office or small business can be a nightmare. Even with 2 lines you still have to manage calls, faxes, answering machine, computer and modem.

Now there is a telephone solution even the smallest or newest business can afford.

The system includes features and functions available to much larger systems..but for a fraction of the price.

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