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Stuart Aynsley

Stuart Aynsley hstuarteads Sydney Metro Telstra CAN Specialist Group for the AQUA Telecoms Sydney.

Stuart has been part owner of the Sydney AQUA Telecoms since 1/4/2000. He is now the proprietor of the Aqua Telecoms Sydney under the principal management of Noel Aynsley.

Stuart commenced his career as a cadet Avionics Technician, being largely involved in the communications of the Black Hawk helicopter build at Hawker de Havilland. From this, an interest in communications evolved.

Stuart has a broad training and experienced background in the Telstra plant gained over an eleven year period. Six years of this being in the management of his own business as partner and more recently proprietor.

While his Telstra network knowledge and experience is important to Stuart and the Aynsley Business Group it is not limited to Telstra, as Stuart has an excellent knowledge base of beyond the “Network Boundary Point” with various telephone systems, data cabling and internet, installations, moves and changes. Stuart is also an accredited and licensed security system installer.


Green/ White Card
OHS for Telstra


Cable Hauling
Pit and Pipe
Advanced Cable Jointer
Large Size Cable Jointer
Advanced Faults and Restoration
Survey for Design
Telstra Contractor CID
Telstra Network Aerial
Exchange MDF Practices
Exchange Access
Installations and Maintenance (CPE)


Open Cabler Licence A006019
Optical Fibre
Structured Cable

LG-Nortel Phone Systems
Sales Management Hutchins Telecoms
Security 408531913 Security Equipment Installer
Electrical Appliance Test and Tag

Avionics Technician