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Telstra Business Systems (TBS)

By choosing a Telstra Business Systems (TM); you will be able to access Australia’s premier communications network via a new fully featured Telephone system. Furthermore, you will experience the highest levels of personal service that only a Telstra Accredited Dealer can provide you.

The Telstra Business Systems ™ solution is a comprehensive communications package, which includes the following items.

  • A New Fully Featured Telephone System configured to meet your needs today as well as providing you with the ability to expand in the future.
  • Telstra Network Services for access to Australia’s premier communications network.
  • Onsite installation, configuration and end-user training for your new Telstra Business System ™
  • Ongoing support through Telstra’s unique support service, Telstra Business Systems Care ™, that provides you with a Single Point of Accountability for your communication needs.
  • Flexible payment options to meet your circumstances.
  • A single bill to show you all your communications charges.

We provide complete project management of your network, hardware and software requirements as part of our offer.

Telstra Business Systems (TM) Features and Facilities

The following generic features set the Telstra Business Systems (TM) apart from previous generations of Telephone Systems and positions it well for the future.

  • Integrated Cordless PABX capability.
  • Self-administration, saving time and money.
  • Remote Diagnostics for maintenance and changes.
  • Built in software that it sometimes optional on other systems, such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD Queuing), Least Cost Routing, Voicemail Integration Software and ISDN Software.
  • Wide support of various network connections including ISDN Primary rate and Basic rate. These services provide digital connection to the world as well as potential cost savings. Seamless migration from the very small to the very large systems.
  • Low power needs, and no need for air conditioning.
  • Two wire inexpensive digital telephones, employing the same cabling as analogue telephones.
  • The ability to call forward to mobile phones, home or other offices.
  • The ability to dial in to the system to make STD or overseas calls.
  • The ability to support Reception during busy times via an Automated Attendant.
  • The ability to connect faxes and modems, saving network costs and improving efficiency.
  • The ability to display the status of other extensions from all telephones.
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • IP telephony to the desktop.


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